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Beard Oil Can Help Improve Facial Hair Appearance

Good beard oil can help you maintain a clean, sexy appearance as it moisturizes the hair and the skin beneath it. Beard oil is as necessary for your beard's growth as shampoo is for hair. Legendary Beard Co. has a revolutionary product that rehydrates skin and helps style your beard.

Benefits of Our Products

Our product line contains important ingredients such as vitamin E, which helps keep skin clear and shiny, as well as other carrier oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, argan and grapeseed. Carrier oils help keep your skin soft and healthy by hydrating skin cells. Our products also contain vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and Niacin. Other ingredients include a special bend of garcina cambogia and coleus forskohlii to improve hair growth and give you more energy and vitality.

This unique growth blend formula will help keep the skin under your beard healthy and moisturized, while also acting as a gentle  condition for facial hair. The special phytoceramides products offered through Legendary Beard acts as a supplement to other products in our line, providing added vitality while reducing patchiness.

Bear Product Reviews

Customers note that beard oil is helpful for those you who patches or uneven beard length. They also love that the products contain all natural ingredients and help make beards thicker, adding to styling options. Some users also experience less graying, more shine and overall stronger facial hair.


Our products are most effective when used immediately after showering as they will keep facial hair fresh and free of flakes and dandruff. Use our products in place of cologne as they have a gentle fragrance.

Work the beard oil through your facial hair where the moisture will head to the follicles, helping to condition and smooth it. These products serve as a natural grooming tool to reduce coarseness and make beards soft. Simply pour a small amount into your palm and spread it into both hands. Apply it to the skin under your beard and work it into facial hair by combing. The amount you will need will vary depending on water hardness and local climate and the level of fullness and vitality you desire.

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